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Jet-lag schmet-lag (or, ‘what we learned in 24 dazed hours in Rio’)

Jet-lag schmet-lag (or, ‘what we learned in 24 dazed hours in Rio’)

  • Tex-Mex in Rio is not a good idea
  • Portuguese is pretty different than Spanish
  • Oi means Hi (or hey) and Obrigado/a is “thank you” (boys use the ‘o’, girls the ‘a’)
  • Hot on the right, cold on the left
  • Those are not separate toilets for #1 and #2
  • It’s nice to have SKOL (one of the national beers)
  • Pao de queijada (cheese bread) is practically it’s own food group and we may choose to treat it as such for the next 30 days
  • You can get fresh-squeezed ANY juice, wherever & whenever (a leading favorite is pineapple with ginger and mint)
  • Don’t use your hand to check if racing spikes in the sporting goods store are sharp
  • Even exhausted kids love the beach:













  • 12 hours sleep works wonders for tired kids and their parents
  • ‘Winter’ is a relative term, with the day bottoming out at 73 degrees fahrenheit
  • There are SO many styles of Havaianas, it will be very hard to choose
  • New adventures are fun:
















And probably most important of all, a bakery…











…and a park make everything better:


And that’s just our first full day!

Boa Noite (goodnight) for now…more to come soon